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A Lighthour Away

A tale of two bodies moving through the solar system.
A solo performance that takes place in the bamboo-pavilion at the Jerusalem Botanical Garden.

“Every evening, the peacocks call as the sunsets. I hear them through my bedroom window, in the kitchen, or in the yard. Their cries are a part of my home; like the wool blanket that is pulled out of storage in October, the moon that appears in the upper left side of the blinds, and the lavender that blooms in the summer. (It’s said) that they mourn the loss of IO, who ran off, and so they call for her every evening at dusk.”

The piece brings together three tales: first, the astronomical tale of the IO moon, which orbits Jupiter and is known by astronomers as the "Tormented Moon". Second, the Greek myth of IO the water nymph, and how it came to be that because of her the peacock’s tail was decorated with a hundred eyes. Third is a personal tale of falling in love, heartbreak and healing, set to the sound of the peacocks’ cries.
As the stories unfold, the space transforms: our once-shared mattress, hauled from my bedroom to the botanical garden, turns into a dirt-bed. The bicycle I ride drives the moon around the earth, the great Bamboo-pavilion above turns into my giant peacock-tail, embedded with a hundred sparkling eyes whose tears water the Lavender planted in the soiled bed.

The work premiered at the International Conference on Performance, held at the School of Visual Theatre.

Artistic accompaniment: Ruth Hof
Consulting: Sharon Gabay, Ari Teperberg, Anna Zakrevsky
Lighting design: Reinhard Sato (Suave)
Light technician: Juda Spector
Moon operating system: Shaul Duvshani
Tear ducts installation: Dvir Ben Israel, Noam Avraham, Shmuely Palmer
Designing assistance: Mai Aylon
Astronomical enrichment: Eden Orion
Technical consultation and support: Ittai Gabbay
Video: Hila Spector
Thank you: Shay Persil, Kineret Max, Ayala Shai, Einat Amir, Laila Shuala, Yael Kenny, Maya Steinberg, Chanan Ben Simon, Rotem Goldenberg, Pandora Collective, Oded Komemi, Gilli Menkes

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