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Grow a Part

An interactive installation of ever-changing nature, held at an abandoned airport bar.

In this piece, shown as part of the “Terminal Chapter” exhibition at the abandoned Eilat airport, the terminal’s bar turns into a transient natural landscape in search of grounding.
On the bar’s shelves stand a thousand empty wine and liquor bottles, now holding cuttings from a Purple Heart Wandering Jew plant. The cuttings, rooted and ready for planting, are offered as a gift to whoever is willing to part with something in return.

Botanical counseling: Netzach Darya Almasi
Co-creator: Orr Sinay
Curation and Production: Marina Pozner
In collaboration with Elad - Theater of Eilat and the Arava
Special thanks: Jemi Bachar, who collects bottles around the city of Eilat and donates the return-deposits to families in need
Terminal Park
One Voice Initiative
The City of Eilat Municipality
Eilatim love to host - Eilat’s tourism corporation
Photography: Marcos Schonholz

Welcome to the “Growing a Part” Bar!

The bar’s bottles hold plant cuttings awaiting grounding. This is a personal invitation to leave something behind and grow.

1. What do you wish to part with? Sit at the bar and think; it can be a personality trait, a person, a habit, an object, a phase, a physical sensation, a place, a moment, etc.

2. Ready? Grab a pen and a sticker, and write down the thing you are parting with.

3. Choose a plant cutting from the bar and gently remove it from the bottle.

4. Attach the sticker to the empty bottle and leave the bottle in its place.

5. Place the cutting in a cellophane bag, tie it with a piece of string, and take it with you.


Congratulations! You may now plant your cutting wherever you see fit.

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