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Still Like

A composition of separation in real time.

In this performance work I examined the idea of ‘separation’ and the way relations between women are linked with those of mothers and daughters. In the work process I held personal one-time encounters in my home with women with whom I am not acquainted. Together we created intimate situations of encounter and separation of various kinds. Through this I followed the separations in my own life and tried to observe them from new perspectives – physical - can one learn to hug observing the encounter of two bodies? modular - can behavior patterns become rules of a game? and dramaturgical - what is the dramaturgy of separation? At the end of the process, a performance took shape in which separation takes place in real time, with audience participation, in several modes of expression, alongside a renewed encounter with mother.
This work, being a distinct break up in each performance, changes in every show, and yet, just like a separation – some things seem to never change.

The work was premiered at the International Conference on Performance of the School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem.

Producer: Yuval Binshtock
Dramaturgy: Anna Zak
Co-creators: Yuli Kovbasnian, Ella Shippin Rubin
Artistic adviser: Guy Gutman
Dress purchase: Mother
Photos: Hila Spector, Gaya Saadon, Avi Golran
Trailer: Hila Spector
Participants: my mother and several women whose names I don’t know
Thanks: Ari Teperberg, Vera Berzak Schneider, Li Lorian, Tzipi Weitzman, Ido Tsarfati, Maya Levy, Noki Katan, Romi Hanoch, Ilana Baer, Yuli Kovbasnian, Ella Shippin-Rubin
Special thanks to all the women who agreed to come, be there, and leave!

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