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Moran Duvshani is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates visual theatre and performance. She was born in Kibbutz Barkai, Israel, in 1984, was educated in the agricultural surroundings of the Kibbutz, and received training in dance and crafts as well. In her 20s, Moran divided her time between traveling as a street artist in Europe and working as an instructor in educational programs for children and adults with special needs in Israel. She completed her studies at the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem in 2013, and was awarded the Mayor's Prize for outstanding work that same year. In 2011, she was awarded the Excellence Award from the Jerusalem Foundation.


Today, Moran is an independent artist, performer, artistic consultant and educator. She facilitates workshops based on the methodology that she has developed, and teaches classic and shadow puppetry to children in special education programs.


Her work has been performed internationally at festivals across Europe, as well as in various museums, theatres and galleries in Israel. Some of her pieces are independent projects which were created and exhibited in unconventional spaces including a school classroom, the Botanical Gardens in Jerusalem, and even on the streets of the Kibbutz where she was born.

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