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If The World Was a Child

Four ten-year-old children have been on a creative visual journey in the theater.

Let's say the earth trembles with fear and we cry an ocean. Let's say the ocean is so angry we could drown in it, and suddenly on the horizon we see a lonely lighthouse that shows us the way… let's say that being alone is sometimes what we most feel like and let's say sometimes we don't.


We are a crew of volcanoes who don’t hold back. When the water is boiling with anger we make tea and bring cookies. We are a crew of tornadoes that take a different spin on things and fly to the sky. We are clouds that fulfill the dreams in our hearts. We are a group of loving, hating, yearning, wild hearts.

We are Hiyuli, Adam, Noam, and Gili, 4 children, little bodies in the solar system. 

We’ve come to tell you about our inner worlds.


Created by: Moran Duvshani

Creative partners: Hiyuli Ben-Abba Gur, Adam Kiczales, Noam Brafman, Gili Amit Bar-Nir

Direction: Nurit Dreamer

Pedagogical guidance: Yuval Binshtock

Artistic guidance: Shahar Marom

Musical guidance and original music: Gai Sherf

Objects and devices built by: Shaul Duvshai

Visual guidance – objects and costumes: Mai Aylon

Lighting design: Keren Dembinsky

Production: Dana Basson

Show manager: Or Chebelis Hod

Consultation: Sharon Gabai

Photograpy: Dor Kedmi


Thanks to: Ari Teperberg, Rut Hof, Inbal Dekel-Goldberg, Yael Mushkin,Orr Sinay, Kedem Hajage, Lee Zuk, Renana Raz

Special thanks to the children's parents: Alexandra Ben-Abba, Tal Gur, Einat Amir, Daniel Kiczales, Tal Reshef Brafman, Yaniv Brafman, Maya Amit, Ido Bar-Nir




With support from the Israel Lottery Council for Culture &Art

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