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Second Chance

A site specific show in Ort Ge'ula school, Tel Aviv.

We gathered in a classroom throughout a whole year, a group of artists, of people, to learn and teach one another, at the time after school; In order to create a whole new world within the familiar halls, while exposing our personal lessons.
The distance between classroom 34 and the water line at the beach is 752.5 steps.
What will sum up, if you calculate the distance between where you are now and where you would like to be, subtracting the places in which you've failed, and adding yourself a second chance?

A performance with 5 unknowns, placing themselves on the axis of time and space. 5 present bodies, in the dark hours of school, drawing a sensitive and unique graph between the line of the heart to the line of the horizon.

Co-creators: Mai Aylon, Rotem Goldenberg, Raz Fogel and Sharon Gabai
Artistic adviser: Li Lorian and Ari Teperberg
Producer: Bar Yerushalmi
Invitation design: Yuval Binstock
Photography: Yuval Binstock, Gaya Sa'adon
Video filming and editing: Hila Spector

The work was created within Pandora Collective and kindly hosted by Ort Ge'ula school, and with the support of Mifal HaPais.

Thank you: Ira Avneri, Udi Raz, Ayala Shai, Zippi Weitzman, Roey Schurr, Omer Ginzburg, Layla Shuala, Widad Asaaf, Einat Amir, Moran Aviv, Ruth Hof, Ofra Ohana, Shiran Levi, Anna Zack, Kineret Max, Noam Alon, Roni Golan, Shai Parsil, Nofar Sela, Vera Barzak.
And a special thanks to Arik, Shlomi, Keren, Hanna and the whole Ort Geu'la team.

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