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Rehearsing the Way Home

A hike through Kibbutz Barkai.

This work was constructed during an “artist’s residency” that I invented for myself, a journey I created for my audience and myself from a half-year’s life experience at the place where I grew up and which I left ten years ago. The audience visits an unfamiliar place that gains specific meanings through performative and designed manipulations and an encounter with local people.
The journey makes present tensions between the kibbutz itself (with its physical and emotional spaces) and my place in it as stranger/guest/local/hostess.

The work was produced by “Pandora” Collective
Artistic advisers: Anna Zak, Anat Arbel, Ari Teperberg
Creative partners: Shaul Duvshani, Almog Duvshani, Idit Perlman, Oded Ben Yedidya, Grandma Hannah, Maya Ashkenazy
Production: Pandora Collective
Acting producer: Chen Rechtman
Text editing: Hori Izhaki
Video filming: Hila Spector, Raz Ben David
Video editing: Hila Spector
Pictures: Gaya Saadon
Thanks: The Duvshani family, Reuven Ogorek, Yael Harel, Dvora Snitz, Yizhar Hess, Ori Carmeli, Avishag Shvike, Neta Genger, Vera Berzak Schneider, Kineret Max, Liat Ezra, Moran Aviv, Omer Ginzburg, Polli Geltzer, Adi Brodsly, Hila Spector, Noam Sissman, Nofar Sela, Li Lorian, Shiran Levi, Aharon Manor, Heftziba Shuali, Ayala Shai, Gaya Saadon, Ido Tsarfati, Masha Suminsky, Shiran Levi, Tzipi Weitzman

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