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A Taste of Pink

An eclectic work in which pains are “patch-worked” with cake-topping candy, toffee and cardboard boxes (because my grandma says that if a disaster is sweet it is still a success).

Fragments of phone conversations with my mother turn into candy wrappings; memories become giant drawings with a strong scent of chocolate; and lighting elements made of cardboard are placed in space along the topography of my childhood sites.

Created at the School of Visual Theatre, also performed at the International Puppet Theatre Festival, Jerusalem and at the “Voice of the Word” Festival at Hazira - Performance Art Arena.

Creative partners: Vera Berzak Schneider and Heftziba Shuali
Artistic advisers: Guy Gutman, Maya Levy, Amit Drori and Roni Mosenson Nelkin
Photos: Amit Mann, Gaya Saadon

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