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Nearly Very Good

Stage adaptation of a living memory.

A work which has built around the investigation of the conduct of objects and natural elements in a specific space, and an attempt to observe the physical-formal meanings of concepts such as alienation and non-belonging.
This performance breaks the hierarchy of space, objects and performers, and a new life-form emerges on stage, in which elements of one reality seek their place and produce an experience of constant alienation, failure and restlessness.

Final project of studies at the School of Visual Theatre. Also performed at Tmuna Festival of Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv.

Creative partners: Anna Zak and Seungjoo Yang
Producer: Tamar Oosterhof
Adviser: Maya Levy
Artistic advisers: Amit Drori, Orna Levy, Gabi Krichely, Guy Gutman
Materials assistance: Aharon Kashi
Musical editing and original arrangements: Nino Ahi-Yuval
Recorded singing: Vered Duvshani
Toy construction: Shaul Duvshani
Costume design: Hila Feinberg
Lighting design assistance: Hila Spector
Assistant producer: Shani Kinstler
Photos: Gaya Sadon, Tamar Oosterhof, Amit Mann
Video: Hila Spector
Thanks: Idan and Amiran Duvshani, Ihab Farouk, Reinhard Sato, Amit Mann, Ella Shippin-Rubin, Adva Yirmiyahu, Daria Levin, Miriam Cohen, Chihiro Ishiyama, Heftziba Shuali, Omer Gizburg, Galia Eini, Danielle Shufra, Mai Aylon, Goni Paz, Michael Maharik, Anne-Elizabeth Nudelman, Ofri Omer, Tal Haran, Ruth Vider Magen, my classmates and the extended Duvshani family.

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